We now offer Zoom® on-site Video Conference consultations. We will do a thorough onsite evaluation with our suite of software tools checking thousands of data points like Meta data, keyword use, alt tags, ADA compliance, user experience and many other factors about your site.

We then go over each area of your site in a video meeting showing you key elements that you can improve to get you better rankings, improve user experience, increase conversions and to give you the skills that you need to keep improving your online presence in the future.

You or your team take notes and implement the changes to your success.

On some packages we also give you 3 ideas on creating content for your blog or pages that will increase your conversions and traffic. These include keywords, phrases, long-tails, and alt tags to use when you write the content. Then use your discount to order some content for us to place.

With the Pro Plan we will create you a play by play action plan that you can use to create a schedule of improvements your team can implement on your time frame.

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Per Audit

  • Onsite Audit of up to 5  pages

  • Zoom® Meeting Consultation

  • 5% off any additional services you order



Per Audit

  • Onsite Audit of up to 15 pages

  • Zoom® Meeting Consultation
  • 3 content creation ideas for blog or pages

  • 10% off any additional services you order
  • Step by Step action plan created by us  for you to use.

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