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Marijuana SEO – Why Cannabis Businesses Need SEO

In SEO Tips by Tim Vee

Why your Cannabis business should pay a lot more attention to SEO

Welcome to the essential guide on why Cannabis SEO is crucial for the cannabis industry, including dispensaries, growers, and ancillaries. With traditional advertising doors like Google and Facebook often closed, Marijuana SEO stands as a key strategy to ensure visibility and profitability. Let’s dive into how mastering SEO can be your game-changer in the cannabis market.

I’m Tim, I started a cannabis tour company and soon realized I needed to learn SEO fast. 11 years later and now I am here. I live, breath and love SEO, seriously, I do. I don’t know everything, but together my small team, and vast wealth of friends in this industry, can do wonders when we team up.

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    2023 has presented new business opportunities for those who want to invest in the cannabis industry. Last year, the United States of America alone spent $14 billion on cannabis-related business activities. By 2025, this number is predicted to increase to $23 billion.

    There is always going to be an increase in the number of states that legalize cannabis. For investors, this is a great time to get involved in the industry. As for those who are already engaged in the industry, the question to ask yourself is “How do I ensure that my business continues to attract customers and increase sales? We have some tips below, or just fill out the contact form above, for a consultation.

    How do cannabis companies get ahead of the competition?

    As the demand for cannabis products rise, the competition within the industry isn’t getting any smaller. The CBD niche has become a huge challenge for supremacy. With that in mind, how do cannabis companies and businesses get ahead of the game? SEO, topical breadth, and links. We can do it for you.

    Some of the most popular platforms, such as Facebook ads, Google ads, and other paid promotional channels, restrict paid ads. As a result, cannabis marketers like us had to find a way to get their products out there.

    Traditional marijuana marketing tactics will not work within the “normal ad” industry. Guerilla placements on the large social media used to get us 40k to 60k views at about .9% to 1.2% conversions, ultimately they would always get flagged pulled and account deleted. We burned so many emails accounts, rest in peace. Luckily other platforms came to bare. Mantis Ads platform was a savior for a lot of us in the industry. You can find them here. No affiliate.


    We used the Mantis platform, good old SEO and a little bit of media dabbled in. And it worked great. So we can do it for you. My network is vast, I have a ton of digital G’s to help you win.

    In the context of marijuana online marketing, the practice of search engine optimization or SEO is the best alternative to go about it. Think about it; if your SEO game is strong, organic traffic will come along naturally. As a result, you will have a higher chance of turning your visitors into potential customers that will increase your company’s sales.

    How does the digital world affect the cannabis industry?

    You should be aware of Google’s announcement regarding the increase in mobile usages. As a result, the digital world will continue to affect businesses from all types of industries. A report by LSA-Acquisio states that about 75% of mobile searches would result in a store visit within the following 24 hours. Furthermore, 30% of these said store visits potentially lead to a purchase.

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    With that in mind, hiring a company that employs SEO experts is your best bet. If you want your business to have a strong search engine placement, a complete social media portfolio, an optimized business website, and a high rate of return on marijuana marketing investments, getting in touch with an SEO company is an excellent option for you.

    What makes SEO so crucial for online cannabis marketing?

    If you are not yet familiar with some of the basic SEO practices, it is highly advisable that you get on board quick. Aside from what was mentioned earlier, SEO heavily relies on content – and content is still king.

    With today’s technological advancement, the realm of marijuana SEO marketing just gets bigger and bigger. As you developed these SEO strategies, the cannabis content creation of your business website becomes much more relevant resulting in the fulfillment of its functions as mentioned below:

    • Informs you of any buyer data as well as that of potential customers.
    • Allows you to convert these potential customers into paying leads resulting in a loyal customer base.
    • Informs Google about the activities of your business including the products and services it offers. This is necessary to establish your company website’s search engine ranking.
    • Aids in shifting stigmas as well as any negative opinions on marijuana products.
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    What are the main principles of SEO cannabis marketing?

    Search engine optimization heavily focuses on website building and the development of its content. If you want your business to be successful in the digital world, content is key. Furthermore, a business owner will most likely need the help of SEO experts when dealing with the technicalities.

    Nevertheless, here are some of the main principles of SEO marketing for cannabis industry that you should be familiar about:

    • Mobile optimization
    • Keyword optimization
    • Website errors and issues like images with no ALT text and broken internal links
    • Website construction, organization, and development
    • Website content creation

    Why hiring an SEO company that specializes in the cannabis niche is totally worth it

    Now that you have a good grasp as to the relationship of the basic use of SEO and that of cannabis businesses, it is now time to make a decision – will you allow your business to get stuck in the traditional way of marketing for cannabis industry or are you going to adopt some of the SEO marketing strategies that are proven useful in the digital world?

    If you answered “Yes,” which you probably should, hiring an SEO company should be your first step. Digital Goliath Marketing Group, an expert in marijuana SEO and marketing, uses the fastest and safest process steps when it comes to improving your search engine ranking.

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    Digital Goliath Marketing Group features a working system of ranking your cannabis business website. Through quality and relevant cannabis content creation that incorporates some of the best SEO strategies, you will soon find out that your business’ organic traffic will increase drastically overtime.

    With that in mind, here are the services you’ll get with Digital Goliath Marketing Group as well as that of other SEO marketing companies:

    • Content and article research that focuses on your business return on investment or ROI and other business needs.
    • The use of SEO tools such as Moz, AHREFS, SEO Power Suite, SEM Rush, and more.
    • Monthly reports on your cannabis business website rankings as well as the work Digital Goliath has done.
    • A campaign on custom keyword ranking on terms that are highly demanded in your niche.
    • A directory on cannabis businesses.
    • Specialization on the delivery of qualified leads that are in search for the products and services that your cannabis business offers.
    • Onsite optimization services which can either be one-time or on a monthly basis.
    • The creation of content for both onsite and offsite use.
    • Social media management on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.
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    Cannabis marketers will take this information and would use it to their advantage. If you want to target modern customers, it is essential that you learn the ropes of the digital world. Moreover, remember that manipulating and controlling the digital marketplace is different from the traditional marketplace.

    If you need some help with your cannabis businesses SEO and social media marketing please click the button below to contact us.