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Why SEO is better than PPC

In SEO Tips by Tim Vee

Why SEO is better than Pay per Click Campaigns

While online marketing provides a number of different venues for reaching out to potential clients and customers, not all potential opportunities are equal. When it comes to niche marketing, for example, search engine optimization is often a better option than pay per click advertising. Here are a few reasons why SEO is better then PPC for a wide range of businesses.

Long-Term Results

While pay per click advertising can yield fast results, it only delivers traffic when ads are running. SEO, on the other hand, continues to bring in traffic as long as the site ranks well. SEO requires maintenance, but sites that rank well in popular search engines tend to stick around. One of the drawbacks of SEO is that it often takes time to get results, but gains tend to last.

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SEO campaigns have a better long term ROI then a Pay per click ones.

PPC Restrictions

Not all sites can take advantage of PPC. The cannabis market, for example, is restricted from many PPC providers due to its legal status. For those in this niche and others, SEO services provide a means to advertise and invest in future traffic. PPC providers tend to shy away from controversial matters or for ads existing in a legal grey zone. However, this also means that there are often strong online investment opportunities for those able to use SEO most effectively.

graphic saying no to fringe topics seo is better then ppc
If your a business that deals with adult products it is impossible to use PPC

Controlling Keywords

A cornerstone of SEO strategy is using keywords effectively, and this is especially true when competing in a niche market. Websites that capture traffic for a particular keyword are often difficult to unseat, and jumping on keywords before they become popular can yield significant results in the future. In SEO, keyword rates fluctuate constantly, and keyword and key phrases that become more popular will rise over time. SEO is an investment, and using it wisely can lead to sustainable results.

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With SEO you can be in better control of your keywords you shooting for.

Flanking the Competition

PPC strategies can lead to strong results, but research tools tend to balance out over time. SEO, especially in a niche market, provides opportunities for succeeding by using inventive strategies. Furthermore, effective SEO services can give businesses a foothold that’s hard to break, letting you leverage increased demand in growing fields. As long-tail keywords become more mainstream, the results SEO provides can lead to growth even without performing any more SEO work.

SEO done right can place you ahead of your competition who uses PPC.

Self-Sustaining Growth

Building an online presence generally requires SEO, but sites that become popular enough can eventual fuel their own growth. Organic backlinks, which are created by visitors to your site on social media and other platforms, can further strengthen your placement for effective keywords. Again, this growth is especially powerful for niche areas, especially those with the potential for significant growth in the future.

image of blocks stacking showing growth of profits. seo is better then ppc
Long time, self sustaining growth is the best reason to SEO


While PPC can be a viable option for online businesses, it’s only one tool available. SEO is better then PPC for long-term success, and investing in it upfront can help ensure your business can sustain itself. Make sure you consider SEO strategy early on and track your results over time. SEO can take a bit longer to yield results than PPC, but its effectiveness makes it worthwhile.